roses are red,
violets are blue,
lemons are yellow,
oranges are orange (oddly enough),
bees and wasps are both yellow and black,
soil can range in colour from auburn-brown to grey (as is the style in monaghan),
lillies are white,
crows are black,
and well, the list goes on,
and i could continue
(not just with the colours of items from nature
- as the above list may seem to suggest -
but also from man-made objects too,
i could even go into more detail,
and give you pantone references,
or their hex value representations of those colours -
if you're that way inclined,
but personnally i feel the range of values afforded by such a limited web-oriented system couldn't possibly be fine detailed enough for one who apprecitaes colour as much as i
- but i digress...),
like i say, i could continue,
but i think that listing objects and their colour
may detract from the point i'm really trying to make,
that point being that i fancy you

ps: i'm not mental

pps: what's your favourite colour? this is very important! ANSWER ME!

haiku haiku it's
off to work we goo, no wait
that doesn't work right

There once was a thing called a Limerick,
And it was shit.
They're not funny,
nor witty,
so please,